A good article

Check out this link to a really good article on kind of one of my idols We both have simiiar stories except for the talent and him being famous. http://www.aarp.org/entertainment/style-trends/info-2017/michael-j-fox-aarp-magazine.html          


I recently made a conscious effort to get back on my bike. I recently began doing other exercises at the expense of riding. In my opinion all exercises helps but cycling is the best.A couple of years back I almost had an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial at the Cleveland Clinic.  The trial Read More …


Has anyone ever taken a spin or rpm class.  It is basically indoor cycling set to music.  The wellness center I work out at has several classes that are well attended.  It is very intense.  When you finish you are completely cover on sweat and cannot breath.  I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to Read More …

LSVT Big and Loud

If you are deaking with Parkinson’s disease you may want to check out the programs on the link below.  Although I completed it several months ago.  I use the principles I learned from the class everyday.  I consider the programs another tool in my toolbox that i use to fight pd.   http://wlos.com/news/health-alert/program-encourages-parkinsons-patients-to-be-big-and-loud

My goal

Anyone who spent any time with me knows that I have one main goal.  That is to be the healthiest person alive with Parkinson’s disease.  I am 56 years old and I figure that if I have this movement disorder fighting it will be much easier if I manage to stay healthy.  Also, Parkinson’s disease Read More …