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March 13, 2014 No comments exist

Not much happening today in my life.  I am feeling pretty good spent one hour on the bike yesterday and today.  No problems to report.  In my opinion that is the worst thing about pd.  The fact that you never get better and it is so unpredictable.  I can feel good for several days but I sometimes spend my time waiting for the iceberg.  It is like when you were in college and the teacher assigned a research paper.  The idea that the paper was eventually due was always in the back of your mind.  Parkinsons is similar in that it never goes away.  You cant predict when they will feel good or bad but the positive thing is that I am never in pain.

Parkinsons disease is a movement disorder resulting from the lack a dopamine in the brain.  I have a lack of dopamine in my brain which causes movement to be herky jerky.  Basically I feel like I am “moving through soup”  every thing is slow and takes greater effort.  I wanted to take the time to educate some of you what pd is.  It is not tremors and shaking that is a symptom.  I am not complaining I am educating.

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