Happy New Year

January 1, 2017 No comments exist

I want to take this opportunity that everyone have a safe and prosperous 2017.  Personally  I want to do something big and memorable. I will figure out just what that something is.  In the meantime and to stay politically correct and in line with the news media fixations here are my new year resolutions.

I resolve to be nicer and to be a better caretaker of the planet.

I resolve not to watch fox news.

I resolve to look to the government to solve all my problems.

I resolve to have more patience with do nothing deadbeats of this world.

I resolve to bash Donald Trump every chance I get.


Below is a short list of some of my actual resolutions.

I resolve to spend less time with crazy people and more time with the productive.

I resolve to for go conventional norms at eat my sweets before I eat my meal.

I resolve to watch more sunsets and sunrises and less television.

I resolve to do my part in the advancement of a cure for PD.

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