I am back

I am not sure who is actually reading this but here goes. Just to update I went to my neurologist last week.  She said that I was doing OK.  She reprogrammed my dbs to help to alleviate some symptoms.  No major complaints from me other than please do not feel sorry for me.  I am retired. happy, blessed and determined to whip this.

Now for the more important stuff it is finally football season and life is good again.  This blast furnace heat is about done.  My saints are one of the favorites to win it all. I personally would like to see them fly under the radar for a while.  Good luck on fantasy teams.

My daughter is back at school starting her senior year.  Where has the time gone?  She is a great kid and I am honored to be her father.  I know she will be successful in what ever she does after school.  She has never given me reason not to be proud of her.

I am still very concerned about this country and the state of the world.  I am not a Nostradamus but I fear something bad happening to coincide with 9/11.  Something has to change. so stay vigilant and safe.




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