I am still here

I want to apologize for not writing more.  I have no excuse other than being lazy.  I will do better.  For those who are interested  I have been in therapy though the LSVT big program.  The purpose of the program is to improve the lives of people with pd and other neurological disorders.  The program was made aware to me by a friend and was endorsed by my neurologists.  It gives me numerous additional tools to fight the good fight and deal with pd.  My therapist does not know that my goal is to complete a 10k road race.  I do not know when but I will accomplish this.  Also,  I cannot predict the future of this disorder and it may eventually overtake me.  However,  with God on my side along with my unbreakable will,  be 100% assured that I have no intentions of giving up and going quitely.  I  will provide additional information at a later date and have posted some links to videos that betterexplain the program.  Let me know if I can help anyone

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