Louisiana walks

April 16, 2017 No comments exist

In October there will be a walk in New Orleans to bring awareness to and to  beat Parkinson’s disease.  The title sponsor is the Davis Phinney Foundation. Last fall I got the opportunity to attend a day long national conference on PD.  The conference was sponsored by Davis Phinney.  He is from England and was also an Olympic cyclist who was diagnosed with early onset pd.  He setup a foundation and it has become his life’s work to beat pd.  He also spoke at  the conference in person and was very impressive and informative.  He also put a face on pd and showed this was not a disease that affects only old people.  I will participate in the walk.  If you can see yourself clear to make a small donation it would be appreciated.  Below is all the information on the walk.  If you can’t donate come join us in person.



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