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February 14, 2014 No comments exist

I am writing this late in the evening on this date.  I never actually wrote a blog so let me know how I am doing.  I am finally making progress on this site.  I submitted it to several search engines and I am making some content change.  Hopefully I will have a working site soon.  Anyway my pd is about the best as can be expected.  I rode my bike today (I have four bikes which includes two stationary bikes)  I like to ride about 4 to 5 days a week.  The trick is that the research says that you must pedal for 40 minutes at 80-90rpm.  Fortunately I am still able to do this as I rode my bike prior to my diagnosis.  For any one interested in starting email me and I will advise you further.  I told my wife that it is my goal to be the healthiest person alive with pd.  If I can do it you can to.  Remember you have to start somewhere.  My goal is to beat this thing with a combination of excellent neurologists, faith in family and Gods plan, the right balance of meds, daily exercise and the right attitude.   Good luck and keep the faith.

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