my thoughts on dbs

February 26, 2014 No comments exist

I wanted to give my opinion on Deep Brain Stimulation or dbs as a treatment for pd.  I had the dbs surgeries on both sides of my brain and on balance I am glad I did with a few caveats.  First it does a really good job at controlling tremors the shaking basically stops.  If you are lucky it will stop the dystonia but that is not a given (one side my dystonia is gone)  What it doesn’t help is balance and it has caused  my speech to be less fluent.  In all fairness I have never been totally fluent so I guess this is my problem.  My biggest complaint is that the surgeon and neurologists represented the procedure as being no big deal.  Trust me this is major surgery  A team of about ten people are in the surgery room. I felt like the old show the six million dollar man.  The surgeon  proceeds to drill a hole in your head and you are awake the entire time and it is quite intense. It does not hurt but the anxiety kicks into overdrive and you start thinking what  are you doing here.  Several escape ideas go through your head but you convince yourself to stay put .  You must be awake during the procedure as you have to assist the doctors.  However do not let this dissuade you as I said that I am glad that I got it done.  Let me know if I can help you further..

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