where is the plane

March 13, 2014 No comments exist

Good morning to anyone reading this.  After doing my usual morning routine which consist of watching the news while my meds kick in I am at my computer and remain amazed that no one seems to know where this Malaysian jumbo jet is.  How do you lose a plane carrying over 200 passengers?  I lose my keys things all the time and it drives my wife crazy.  Next time I lose my keys I have the built in excuse “at least I did not lose a plane.”  Perhaps I digress.   Maybe I am too cynical but there is something fishy going on.  I got to believe someone know where this plane is but is not talking.  We are always  told that we are watched by big brother and that if the government wanted to find us they could.  Hell all you have to do is get onto a plane and apparently no one knows where you are. I am curious to know what happened but Ifear that this will not end well.


I saw a good quote yesterday at the gym it said “when life give you lemons put them into your water.  It is healthier than lemonade”.  Heading out to the gym and errands.  Thanks for reading.  I am out.

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